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Benefit from Counterintuitive Approaches™ that have been amplifying the successes of governments, businesses, and individuals globally for over 20 years.


Steven Melnik is an Army in One™ (supported by a team of super professionals globally) who delivers multinational businesses, governments and other VVIP clients real results through his unique set of abilities and skills that include the use of Counterintuitive Intelligence™ and psychology in solving complex problems, access to high level network, as well as a comprehensive background in areas of representation, negotiations, strategic planning, deal structuring, fundraising, law, finance, tax, regulatory compliance, academia, public speaking and mass influence marketing- all coupled with second to none worldwide door-opening credentials, affiliations, and a track record of significant and ongoing successes.

" When equipped with the right tools, you will have the power to move faster, reach higher, and it will be much easier. "

– Steve Melink, Founder of the CIA System™

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Companies, Institutions & Governments

Take your professional ventures to the next level and foster growth, help you and your organization attain your goals & supercharge your success.

With second to none worldwide credentials, access, abilities, skills, experience and a track record of high level, high impact engagements in closed doors, United Nations, and/or global leaders (political and business) events and meetings (represent the interests of organizations at high level engagements with investors, partners, regulators, elected officials, media, professionals organizations, and other significant counter-parties. High stake, high impact engagements) 

During mass outreach live, on-line and media events, as well as at various high outreach and profile events and engagements. 

Seeking and bringing investors, partners, sub-ambassadors/business developers, celebrities, new partner organizations, and others who will be contributing to the development and growth of the organizations he works with.

Liaison to the external as well as internal team of financial, legal, tax, regulatory and other experts that serve and protect the interests of the organizations he works with (due to a deep background in financial, legal, tax, regulatory and other matters).

Member of the organizations’ general and specific multi-disciplinary and multi-prong (sales, marketing, regulatory, recruiting, structuring of engagements, etc.) strategy development for the global and local engagements, designing strategies that will enable organizations to achieve higher successes faster while avoiding costly and time consuming pitfalls.


Individuals & Families

Chase your dreams. Attain your Goals. Supercharge your success & live the life of your dreams!

Happiness Amplified™ is a Practical, ready to use system that guides you towards a successful outcome in any life situation. 

Learn the Counterintuitive Approaches to success that have been impacting peoples’ lives for over 20 years!
Transform yourself on a personal and professional level. Amplify your performance to positively impact every aspect of your life.
Knock Down and Move Past the barriers that are constantly holding you back.

What People Say

"It was a great honor and privilege..."
"To Steven Melnik, It was a great honor and privilege to be a part of the audience that was gifted with his professional knowledge and valuable advice. I was fortunate to experience many keynote speakers such as Suze Orman, Bill Gates and Colin Powell, just to name a few. Steven Melnik ranks right up there. And I sincerely thank you again for thinking of us and gifting us with that opportunity."
- Laura Fais, Douglas Elliman Real Estate
"I wasn’t expecting something like this..."
“I wasn’t expecting something like this. I wasn’t expecting how powerful it was and how much it meant to me.”
- Daniel Drozdowsky, JP Morgan Chase Bank
"It was triple-A level, there is no fluff..."
"Steve, you really are the epitome of doing all the things to make a happy life. It was triple-A level, there is no fluff"
- Doug Vairo, InterContinental Capital Group
"It's really interesting..."
"It's really interesting how he says things - very direct, in a way that nobody is going to tell you."
- Mona Lian Lai
"I am so ecstatic..."
"We got a lot of information - beautiful information, and I am so ecstatic about the possibility of sharing it."
- Ronald & Estelle Washington

Companies, Institutions & Governments

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