The Parksen City Platform will help create sustainable and modern Green, Smart and Connected Cities of the future. Fighting back against congestions, pollution and unfair prices, we will put the citizens of the world in a position to help build healthier and cleaner cities for future generations.


Currently, congestion causes heavy stress- and health-related issues among citizens of larger urban areas. Our platform has been designed to fight this loss of time, money and happiness through a variety of real-time solutions that map and report busy areas, construction and accidents. By re-routing traffic, we hope to add to the free-flow of vehicles during peak-hours.


In order to keep up with constantly developing traffic situations, the Parksen platform will make use of the increasing IoT- and copious other smart devices. Placing them in strategic locations, the Parksen app will be able to give users a live-feed of available parking and ongoing traffic incursions. Mechanics and traffic controllers will always be able to find the heart of the problems, while drivers know exactly how to avoid them.


One of the best things about the Parksen Platform is the fact that it can be integrated into existing municipalities without any problems or extra costs. By having all of our data and applications on our own cloud, we take away the need for you to pay for additional software. We believe that by connecting cities through our cloud and on the Ethereum blockchain, we will be able to keep offering the most affordable rates, worldwide.

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