Mircalemed Medical Billing

Let the experts at Mircalemed medical billing turn your claims and reimbursement processes into a positive experience for your practice and your patients.With the Mircalemed partnership, you will profit from the best team in the industry, providing detailed, patient-by-patient coaching and accurate reporting, resulting in your optimal success.

Mircalemed Medical Billing Provides

  • Expert Coding
  • Claims Billing
  • Patient Statement Billing
  • Management Reports
  • Consulting

A significant key to the success of any practice is expert coding and billing. It requires experience, a dedicated and dependable staff, as well as knowledge of coding and industry regulations, and ongoing education. Utilize Mircalemed Medical Billing’s services to outsource your billing or take advantage of the various consulting services available.  

Medical Billing Services

At Mircalemed Medical Billing, we value our clients as partners and provide support to practices of all sizes. Most practices do not have the resources available in-house to effectively manage the challenges faced with medical billing. We personalize our services to meet the needs of each client.

Out-Sourcing your Billing will Save You Money…

Your office will be more cost effective by using a motivated billing specialist. As billing specialists, we do a better job than an employee for less money. In addition, we charge a percentage based only on what is collected. Getting the highest possible reimbursement for the services provided is in both of our interests. View our Services to learn more about the medical billing services offered by Mircalemed Medical Billing. 



Claim Preparation

Paper Claim Submission

Payment Posting


A/R Management

Revenue Optimizer


What People Say

Medical Billing took all the hassle out of preparing accounts for our clients. The reports they sent us, included everything even the doctors expenses, reduces the amount of time we spent on preparing their annual accounts.
Zia Ur Rehman
“MircaleMed’ level of professionalism has left an excellent impression. Our group was lucky to have found them and they rescued us from the outdated service of our former biller.”
Waqas A,
“MircaleMed Medical Billing has more than doubled our collections since we started our relationship with them. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible.”
James Gamble
“This is our 2nd year with MircaleMed and we are still extremely happy. MircaleMed’ ability to follow-up and collect on accounts made a huge difference in our bottom-line.”
Isa Holmgren